Speaking Green Contest Announcement !

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    Speaking Green Contest Announcement !

    Bài gửi by betin on 2008-11-02, 12:48


    Established in 2005, during the past three years, TGC (Talking Green Club) has worked as an English club focusing on environment protection activities for the purpose of encouraging the community especially the youth to participate in environmental protection activities as well as to improve their environmental knowledge and English skills .

    Now, in order to create an opportunity for young people to share their own perspectives and creative ideas on environmental issues, TGC, in cooperation with EnIDC - a company for environmental solutions, organize an English speaking contest, named “Speaking Green”.

    We would like to invite all interested youngsters to join the contest.

    I. Topic of the contest:

    “You are living and studying in Hanoi. You wish to enjoy your life in a fresher, cleaner and greener Hanoi. Now you have a chance, you can share with us and others your experiences or creative ideas to make the environment better. Join Speaking Green Contest and raise your voice for a greener Hanoi.”

    II. Contest regulation:

    1. Round 1: Send your application form consisting of two parts: a short self introduction and a 350-500 word essay on your creative ideas or big and socially beneficial plan to improve the environment quality to TGC email: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].
    - Time: 11/1/2008 – 11/25/2008
    - Tentative time for result announcement: 12/1/2008.

    2. Round 2: 20 selected competitors; each one will make a 5 minute presentation and answer questions from the jury or possibly audiences in weekly meetings of TGC held in IUCN meeting rooms.
    - Tentative time: 12/6/2008 - 12/14/2008
    - Tentative time for result announcement: 12/15/2008.

    3. Round 3:
    5 final candidates; each one will have 2 minutes to make a presentation for self introduction; 5 minutes for presentation of ideas; 5 minutes for answering questions from the jury at TGC special meeting to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of establishment.
    - Tentative time: 12/21/2008.

    Deadline for the first round: 17:00 on November 25th 2008.

    Apply now to show your ability, concern and responsibility for environment, win big prizes which can be up to 25 millions and get prestigious certificates, references for your application to higher education or working positions.

    (Anyone who is not in organizing board of the contest can participate in the competition. Any groups that want to join the contest should assign one representative only)

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